Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Jumping from Two Feet Below.

Afternoon, Fam…

So, last night Joey and I were talking about the bane of many a CP crip we’ve found out talking to people we’ve met.  That’s jumping.  It has to do with a reflex newborns have.  CP crips never lose this reflex.  As a matter of fact, in some incidences, it gets heightened.  Reading some testimonies yesterday, we found the occurrences are so disturbing and embarrassing to the crip that they don’t leave their pad…EVER.  Sad.

Joey asked me why I don’t jump as much as she does.  It made me think.  We do jump at different things.  Things people take for granted…we HATE balloons.  I HATE guns; hence, the swords, taser, which we jump at, and knife collection for safety.  We both might jump if someone comes from our peripheral with Joey maybe having the edge on that one.  When we get going, it's hard, sometimes to relax.  That's where the extreme self-consciousness comes from with many as I think about us and what we've read.

Anyhoo, I said I think it’s because CP’s my secondary cripness, Spina Bifida being my main cripness (Yeah, I was blessed with a twofer…LOL).  CP’s the only thing Joey has, so it affects more of her nervous system.  Mine’s centralized to the muscles in my hands.  I’m not saying this’s a definite, but it makes sense.

BUT, reading about some not leaving the house for fear of embarrassment, made us realize, yeah, we may jump at inopportune times, but we can’t be so afraid to live life.  We have too many plans before we cash in our cards to be afraid of others’ perceptions of us when they see us randomly jump.

Be good to each other.


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