Sunday, March 11, 2018

Wheelchair Curling.

Afternoon, Fam, how’s your Sundays goin’?

So, I’ve been watching the Paras’ Wheelchair Curling.  Now, the similarities between regular Curling and Wheelchair Curling are there are at least three to a team and the team push 44-pound rocks across the ice to a bullseye ala shuffle board.  That’s where the similarities end.  The standing/wheelchair thing’s the most obvious.  The other difference is the able-bodied version has one teammate push the rock while another brushes the ice path for the rock to go and the third’s at other end yelling instructions.  Crips don’t have the luxury of having the brusher.  The pusher has to push the rock at the end of the stick in one calculated push while a teammate holds the back of his/her chair to keep from recoil of the push on ice.  The third’s at the other end yelling the initial instructions to HOPEFULLY get the rock to its intended target.

Now, I haven’t curled, but I’ve tried shuffle board in Florida at my aunt’s pad…it ain’t easy from a chair.  Also, I do use my reacher everyday to life stuff that’s fallen, which with the help of Mr. Murphy, is A LOT.  Using a couple foot grabber to pick up, say, a full water bottle’s hella hard when all you have are your arms.  So, I can’t imagine using a 3-foot pole to push a 44-pound rock so it slides 138 feet to a little red circle.

I’m in awe!

Be good to each other.


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