Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What's Wrong with Kids Today?

Morning, My Fam…

So, today’s gonna be a twofer, because this all happened in one night.

First, every night while Joey’s showering, we let The Boys out for the last time before they’re in for the night.  Sometimes, I’m still up, because Ashley’s running late, last night was NOT one of those days, so I was already in bed.  Joey also had a new girl, who was super sweet, which is a plus.

Anyhoo, at 9:40 Joey told Ester to let The Boys out while she finished.  She times it so that she can be out of the shower and dressed when they come in.  I was watching The Good Doctor, which I’ll get to later.  At any rate, we had no reason to think anything was amiss…UNTIL!

After Joey got in bed, she had Ester bring The Boys, but it was taking longer than usual.  Then, we heard her calling, YELLING for them.  WTH!  OK, now, Joey and I’m stuck in bed and our fur babies are NOT in the backyard!  After a bit, Chewy came in without Hollywood.  A few minutes later, Hollywood came sauntering in.  Of course, when it’s your kids, minutes feel like eternity, right?

We asked Ester where they were, and she said they were in the alley, which meant the back gate opened.  This happened a couple times before, and, of course, OUR dogs jet when other people say they can trust their dogs to stay put.  Ours, NNNNOOOOOO!  Why these dogs insist on getting out knowing where their food (and Hollywood’s very food-driven) is, is beyond me.

Last night wasn’t exceptionally windy, so we don’t know how the gate opened.  I have to investigate.  The other HUGE variable was Ester.  She was new and had no idea whether she was the kind to go after our punks.  Thankfully, she was the kind that did.

God, we HATE feeling vulnerable like that.

The other fur baby incident happened this morning at 6-ish.  Again, with Hollywood.  We wake up to him retching ON THE BED!  Anybody with kids has had them puke on them.  This wasn’t that bad, but still…  Of course, we tell him to get off, but, does he, NOOOO!  He does his business, AND PROCEEDS TO CLEAN IT UP!  DISGUSTING!  Of course, he had to do it two hours before Adriana was supposed to be here.  The saving grace was it was lower than me.  Needless to say, I didn’t pull the covers up for the rest of the night, and the comforter was the first thing to go this AM.

Now, the thing is, if it’d been Chewy, he’d’ve at least jumped off the bed and tried to make it to the backdoor, which we’d have to let him out, but, at least we know he tries.  Hollywood, no.  He just does it wherever.  It just shows how different kids are.

Never a dull moment.

Be good to each other.


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