Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shape of Water.

Good morning, Fam...

The creature has come to us
We must dissect it, destroy it.
No, we must study it,
Use it our to advantage.
Then, when it’s no good to us,
Destroy it.
The enemy wants just much as we.

The mute, just as much of a freak
Yet human.
Misunderstood in her world,
Looked over
In her scheduled life
Get up, masturbate, go to work, come home,

She sees him,
Soulmates in their “freakishness,”
She a mortal, he considered a god.
Undercover rendezvous
Underwater rendezvous
We must get you to freedom
Come with

I can’t.

Human destruction won’t be denied
Instant death
Risen god
LEAP of Faith


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