Friday, March 9, 2018

The Paras, The Paras, The Paras are Here!

Afternoon Cool Peeps!

So, the Paralympics started this morning at 5 our time with a beautiful Opening Ceremony to kick off 9 days of competition that’ll include Men/Women Alpine Downhill, Alpine Downhill Slalom, Biathlon, Sled Hockey, Wheelchair Curling, Men/Women (Sitting) Cross-Country, and Men/Women Snowboarding.  Like the regular Olympics, the US and Canada rivalry’s just as strong, with the hockey just as cut throat.

We’ve watched the Paras go from an obscure thing that happened after the Olympics that was online on choppy feeds depending on the bandwidth.  Eventually, it had SOME airtime, mostly afterhours.  As bandwidth got better, watching it online was still the best way to watch it live.  The Brazil Games two years ago was the first time we got hours of play on NBCsn.

These Paras, we’re supposed to be getting 90 hours on NBCsn, which I thought was still weak, but Joey thought was pretty good.  OK, so I’ll go with that, but since it’s overseas, the next 9 days’ll be early mornings to chime in.  Still, I’m excited to get to watch the Games again for the 4th or 5th time, I believe.

Unfortunately, unlike the Olympics, North and South Korea couldn’t get their acts together to walk into Paralympic Stadium.  Coming together to compete to show the world crips are able, apparently, sadly,  can’t cure everything.

If you get a chance, check it out on your NBCsn and NBC stations, or!


Be good to each other.


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