Thursday, March 8, 2018

Listening to the Great Beyond.

Evening, Ladies & Gents…

Sorry, I’m getting this out so late.  I thought I could type it up, and get it posted before we went out for the day.

So, this morning we caught up with Tyler Henry: Hollywood Medium.  Now, we’ve watch John Edward and his Crossing Over show a few years ago.  It was interesting, but there seemed to be a stylized cold reading feel to it that just didn’t it feel legit sometimes.  Also, he read to audiences instead of just one, so it was a certainty he was gonna make a hit.  Sure, sometimes he’d have a special read that was one-on-one, but those were few and between audience readings, which kinda showed the showy side.

Tyler Henry’s almost always exclusively a one-on-one read, so if he has trouble getting something to come through, it very visibly…he actually sweats.  If it’s multiple, it’s normally just a couple that probably will have the same person or people come through.  Another thing interesting Tyler does is scribble, which we can watch, so we see it’s not a script or pre-made notes he’s come with.  Also, he asks for something of value to the person without knowing who the belonging came from.

J, where’re you going with this?

I believe there’s an afterlife, because of my past.  There HAS to be, we CAN’T just stop when our hearts stop beating.

Let me tell you a story:  Joey, my brother, died in Feb. of ’00, and I met Joey, my wife, four months later.  Joey, sometimes acts JUST like my brother.  I have to catch myself to not gripe at the things they do together that irk me.  Well, one morning, Joey, who I’ve learned has a psychic streak in her, woke up to tell me she thought she’d been visited by my brother.  Now, keep in mind, there’s NO WAY Joey COULD’VE met my brother UNLESS he met and visited her.  I believe she’d only seen a pic of him for minute then, so when she described him, it threw me.  She was on point!  She said he was dressed in white, and he mentioned me.  Wow, just wow.

Since then, she’s had other little feelings, not necessarily from Joey, but others.  She had me read, and the medium said I could do it too.  Now, you’ve read my past issues with faith, but, even then, I really WANTED to believe that Joey and my best friend, Noe, were still around…so, I tried listening.  You know how the bible says to “listen,” I did.  I started hearing mjy brother’s voice, his speech patterns, his words.  Also, when we were kids and weren’t close, Noe and I’d whistle a certain whistle to know where the other was.  I know, cheesy, but we were kids.  I started hearing that again.  Oh yeah, and each of their voices were in different sides of my head to differentiate who they were.  If I calm down, I can still get them even if I don’t do it for a while.

Another incident is once we had a resident doc at the office named Chuck.  I liked him a lot.  One thing I didn’t know about him is that his dad died in 9/11…until…

One night, Joey was telling me about that her grandpa had made a lot of the furniture that was in the Twin Towers, which I thought was cool.  He didn’t die in the attack, so I had no reason to think what happened would have to do with us, but here it is:

That night, we were dead asleep when Joey woke up to me wailing, like REALLY wailing.  She said I was still asleep, and then she saw me buckle on my side like I’d been hit hard.  She said I was moved from the middle of the bed to the far edge.  Then, I woke up.  I told her I saw the plane coming, and felt the impact.  I also told her I saw Chuck’s dad, and he’d said that he saw Chuck and that he’s proud of him.  The experience scared the hell out of me, but after I REALLY thought about it, I decided I wanted to do it more.  Being me, I left a message on FB to pass on the message, but Chuck never responded.  I don’t know how he felt about the message or if he even believed, but, at least, I did my part.

The only other time it happened was after Hurricane Katrina after those people died in that nursing home.  Here, I kept smelling mildew for some reason, which was very unsettling.

Anyhoo, whether you believe or not, I believe our loved ones are still out there whether it’s in a smell or something someone says that reminds you of a loved one.  I even “see” birthdays in the time or the time they died, I might just “happen” to glance at the clock.

Just look and listen.

Be good to each other.


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