Friday, March 9, 2018


So, this would be a dead story (no pun intended) if this didn't surface:

Apparently, there’s supposed to be a show Sunday called OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession? I’ve been reading about.  Now, here’s the catcher: remember that book OJ made, If I Did It?  Yeah, well, it turns out it SHOULD’VE been titled I Did It if his publisher’s to be believed.

Apparently, the story’s that his lawyer called her confessing for OJ, telling the publisher to add the ”If” to the beginning of the title to hypotheticalized* the scenario/confession if OJ’s kids got their hands on said book.  Dude covered his bases, plus money goes a LONG way to make evidence, people say stuff (Kato).

Now, I’ll admit, when this all went down, I was at my brother’s when the infamous bronco chase happened, and followed the case during classes in college.  I didn’t want it to be true.  I didn’t follow football fanatically close, but I knew of the man.  Also, as jaded as I am, I couldn’t fathom someone doing THAT to someone they loved.  She must’ve done something to provoke the situation.  BUT, naaaaw, nothing she could’ve done was worth practically being decapitated…and, being found by their young kids.  Honestly, who could it have been, though?  Hmmm.

After being tried, found not guilty, VOWING to find the real murderers that never materialized, and with the safety of the double jeopardy rule and almost 24 years distance, OJ obviously feels safe enough too talk.  I don’t know, maybe he’s terminal, and feels like he has nothing to lose.

What you guys’ thoughts?

Be good to each other?


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