Thursday, March 15, 2018

Medicaid Run.

So, today at noon, my day was planned out FOR Me.

I got a call from State saying my re-app for Medicaid was being denied, because I didn’t get all my stuff in.  I told the lady I’d called a couple weeks ago asking what they need, and she just said the last couple of checks from work in Oct.

OK, fine, no prob.  I got on ADP, found my last checks, screenshot them, and uploaded them to Your Texas Benefits.  Easy Peasy.  NOOOOO.  I KNEW it couldn’t be that easy, I’d done this many times since getting in “the System.”  But, did my dumbass listen to myself, NOOOOO!

Fast forward to today.  We got the call at noon, and I thought it was for Joey, because she’d already had an Amerigroup meeting this week, and one this morning with a lawyer.  I wasn’t able to get to it before they hung up, THEN, MY cell started ringing.  I check it…DAMN!  She gives me the news, but gives me the silver lining of going on the app to upload the missing statements, but I suggest I’m just gonna go to the Medicaid office in person to deal with a person to make sure stuff gets done and off TODAY instead of someone checking the internet at according to never.  It’s 12:45, I can run to bus 1, like, NOW!

I tell Joey what’s up and I love you, and I’m out the door.  I get my bus, get my transfer, and get to the office.  I check in, and play Candy Crush while I wait, then, Rachel calls me back.

She tells me what I need, which I knew and had already gotten downloaded to my phone on the bus rides.  BUT, then, the app WON’T upload my files.  Damn again!  Long story short, she gave me her email to send the statements for her to add them to my re-opened app.  I signed a release, and I was on my way.

Total trip= 4 hours.

Medicaid’s a bitch, being in the “system’s” a bitch.

But, just stay cool, go by your instincts, and this crip thing can be a little more easy peasy.

Be good to each other.


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