Saturday, March 3, 2018

Mad Love!

Happy Saturday, Everybody…

So, today, we’ve been doing this for three months!!  Three months through the year, can you believe that??!!  Yeah, it’s been trying at times, but we feel in our hearts of hearts that we’re touching people.  As I and Joey’ve said, we consider you guys fam.  We know some posts’re are more read than others, that’s OK.  As long as you guys are reading and relating or taking something away from us, we’re happy.  We appreciate comments, critics, anything you want to share for us to learn, and anything we’re missing that’s on your minds.  I always have ideas, and Joey’s learning to just put it out there for better or worse.

We’re still working on the clothes thing.  I think we’re gonna go local as opposed to trying to deal with expensive sites, so we can have a better selection of colors and types of stuff for you guys.  You can still order with the links on the side and drop us a line at with a color and any personalization, and where to send it.  On the brain shirt, we’re going to be offering the crip exclusive original, but also on the says, “It’s my_____, who’s legs don’t work, his/her BRAIN works FINE” for fam and friends.  Thanks, Kathy, for the idea!  We also have our poetry book on Amazon that throws a whole bunch of different feelings at ya in a few pages.  We want to get where we can do giveaways and such for you guys too.

Just know we have mad love for you guys, and be good to each other.

-J & J-

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