Saturday, March 3, 2018

10 Ways to Love.

So, I stole this off my girl, Rox’s, FB page.  It made me think about relationships from friendship on.

I think it’s so cute to watch little rugrats on the playground as they hold hands playing whatever their imaginations dream up.  Yeah, the holding hands doesn’t mean the same as it will when they get older.  It’s innocent.  They speak their own language, loving and arguing in their own way, BUT, unlike us, they quickly get over whatever and move on.  This carries on through grade school.

By grade school, we start to see little adults with small minds…not much different from their taller counterparts ironically.  They’ve started noticing the ways of the world…getting jaded by the things they see adults do.  I love when people say, “My kids don’t know about…”  Uh, yeaaaah, they do, and they’re taking notes.  Yet, they still can love unconditionally even though they’re learning the negatives on the list.

Coming into teens and going through, remember that “My kids know about…?”  Yeah, now they let you know, and that they’ve known for however long you’ve been kidding yourself they don’t.  It’s called ammunition, and they’re locked and loaded…with ALL unADULTerated emotions ready to be unleashed on friends and fam, it doesn't matter depending on the situation.  Whether it’s love, sorrow, rage, RAGE with full knowledge of the negatives on the list.  Hopefully, they’ve got some friends, who’ve learned the other half, because, at this point parental units, unfortunately don’t matter unless Johnny’s in a bind.  Hopefully, the gleaned the good in their formative sponge years.  BECAUSE…

Adulthood’s gonna suck for them otherwise.  Now, I’m not perfect, FAR from it.  Joey will attest to that.  And, my folks weren’t perfect, but I know they did their damnedest to get me going in the right path to accomplish the positive side of this list.  Yeah, I screw up…A LOT, I’m not making excuses, and I’m not proud of my shortcomings, but I try everyday to be the man my parents deserve to call son, my sister deserves to call brother, my friends deserve to call friend, and definitely for Joey to call husband.

Be good to each other.


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