Thursday, March 29, 2018

It's a Privilege NOT a Right.

So, Joey went out to Walmart yesterday with her chick, because it’s the ONLY day designated by the state that she can go out with said provider.  It’s not that state really has designated a day when she can go.  It’s the day of the week the Medicaid part of Nurses Unlimited, which PROHIBITS the provider from driving the client anywhere…even in their own car, can’t or won’t get her a chick, so she has to get a chick from the regular Nurses Unlimited, which is out of pocket; hence, she has more freedom.  Confuse yet?  Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass.

Anyhoo, they left a little after 10, I got up about 10:30, wrote a blog, and messed around.  Still, no Joey around noon.  OK, no prob, she had some shopping to do.  12:30, 12:45, I pulled out my phone to text her to see if she was OK when I hear the van pull up.  Earlier, I’d put The Boys out, so when she came, I was able to go out to help her with the bags.

I told her when the door was opened I was just getting ready to text her to see where she was.  She rolled her eyes.  Oh no.  I helped them carry in A bag while her chick carried the rest.  It WASN’T two hours of shopping…even with the lunch they brought home.  I could tell by her short answers she was irritated.
Homegirl left, and Joey proceeded to tell me the adventure.

Story time:

They get to the story, and she says they spent most of the time a. trying to get into the handicapped parking spot, and b. shopping, because, apparently, the girl was going super slow.  I felt for Joey, because she’s not a lingerer.  She wants to do her shopping and move on.  There’s no going up and down every aisle.  Joey has a photographic memory, so she knows EXACTLY where she wants to go to get her stuff done.  If we’re together, we split up to maximize and lessen our time.  Apparently, that didn’t happen.

I asked her why she didn’t just have her park out away from other cars, which we have no problem doing.  Joey said the girl was hellbent on getting in the spot.  I just shook my head, because I’ve been in that situation…you’re hostage while whoever backs up and adjusts, backs up and adjusts over and over just to get in the damned handicapped that we may or may not have to back out of to get in the van anyway, because the person beside us parked too close.  And, if they didn’t, many of the so-called van accessible spots AREN’T wide enough for van and lowered lift.  We have no prob going a little bit to the door.

Even if we don’t get out of the car, people use us for our handicapped tags like it’s an automatic RIGHT.  Really?  That’s tantamount to the idiots WITHOUT tags we see that just swing in the spot, BECAUSE it’s closer to the door.  The things that’ve run through our minds, BUT we don’t, we let karma kick their ass.  Those hangy temps are another thing altogether.  Dude, it’s a privilege, not a right…especially if the ones they were made for CHOOSE to use them or not.

Be good to each other.


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