Thursday, March 29, 2018

AI from Two Feet Below.

Afternoon, Peeps!

So, yesterday I read that one of my friends/patients from my office days and close followers from FB died Sunday.  She wasn’t that old, 75.  She went into the hospital, apparently, and never came out.  I’d noticed she hadn’t been sharing my stuff lately but didn’t know that was why.

This got me thinking.

In the last almost, say 6 months, I’ve lost 3 friends, who live either in town or are close by, that I might’ve not known died if I wasn’t connected.  That’s not to say I took them for granted, it just shows how much we, as a society, lean on, say, FB to keep up with fam and friends when we can’t be right there.

Joey and I’ve seen the Microsoft AI commercial featuring Common that started running during the Olympics and Paras with different takes.

Though it’s probably scripted, I’d like to think it was a stream of thought, free verse piece.  I like the cadence of his delivery.  But, as a message, it’s true.  We thought our gen were badasses, because we brought in the internet, but this gen has the internet…and, then some at their disposal.  There’s a scene where the kid signals the thought of the vastness of AI blows his mind.  Uh, yeah.

For us crips, technology’s opened up worlds.  For those that can’t speak, there’s speaking word boards.  For those that can drive manual chairs, there’s electric.  For those that can drive traditional electric chairs, there’s chairs driven by blowing through a straw!  MIND BLOWING, AND I’VE SEE IT!  We train dogs and other animals to be helpers to us…case in point our friends Keith and Chas.

In my Kuri submission to Vocal, I replaced the dog with Kuri, the robot with his/her own AI.  Now, whether his/her AI’s man-made or just is, I leave up for interpretation.  Still, I think the concept has possibilities.

Joey, like me, ponders all the possibilities, but he gravitated to the part where he throws out, “What’s a brush without the artist, a hammer without the carpenter?”  She’s right.

She sees it and relates it to today’s news.  What’s the gun without the shooter or what have you.  What’re computers without a programmer?  The computer can be used for good or bad depending on the one behind the keyboard or at the virtual controls nowadays.

Just thinking.

Be good to each other.


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