Friday, March 30, 2018

The 20 G Mistake.

Afternoon, Guys…

So, who’s had a chair they were never 100% on?  We’ve all gotten one in our lives whether we thought it was one we THOUGHT we researched and wanted, and when it came, no.  OR, we get talked into something we don’t or can’t use by people in the biz that, because they’ve had training, “know what’s best for us.”  Normally, it’s because they got something new on the market, and want to be the first to have someone’s butt in said chair.  Joey and I’ve dealt with both scenarios.

We’ve all saw a chair, and thought it was the shit, then, wed got it, not so much.  I think that’s what happened with my Arrow.  Yeah, it went a whopping 8 miles and hour, but something was always screwing up on it from the casters crapping out probably from not being reinforced for the speed.  I never had a wheel fall off before, which I’ve had on other chairs, but I might as well when bearings go out and wheels don’t spin and scrape along the floor.

I actually pulled a twofer on this one.  I know, I know, shame on me.  I was actually approved by Medicaid for the Permobil Trax, which was a glorified scooter with AVT wheels and could go 9.5 miles an hour!  What they don’t tell you is, unless you had a mansion, the Trax was too big for everyday use.  It barely fit on ANY lift…even commercial!  And, if you managed to get it in a vehicle, forget about maneuvering inside.  Awesome looking beast, but NOT practical for the ever day crip.

The other scenario has to do with Joey and her current chair.  Going into getting her new chair, she was set to get a chair like mine, a Permobil M 300, which is a mid-wheel.  I’ve loved it with just the batteries and wheels needing to be changed in the 6 years I’ve had it.  Well, Joey was set until the guys we deal with told her about a chair new on the market they think she’d like.  Now, Joey and I’m game to TRY anything.  So, they got her in the new Permobil F3 they JUST happen to have to let her test drive. 

The catch was it was there at their shop, not here at home.  It’s like the “psssst, come over here guy in the alley” trying to sell you the black market item. 

Long story short, apparently, the drive felt pretty good, but they also talked her into getting tilt/recline seating which she’d never had, but they said it’d help her since she sits for long periods.  WRONG!  So, here she is getting a front-wheel drive, which she’s never driven with a seating system she’s never had/needed sold to her by people that AREN’T in chairs, but’ve had the training that GIVES them the authority to tell us what we, the born crip, NEEDS.  Hmmm.  OH, and there’s only a 5-day return window, which they DIDN’T tell her about until AFTER the time limit was up.  She’s stuck with a chair she’s uncomfortable in for the next 3 years, I believe, out of 5.

Yeah, I said 5 years.  I thought it was just for Medicaid/Medicare, but I think it’s for ALL insurances, actually.  We can get a chair paid for every 5 years.  Better not get a dud…or get talked into one you can’t stand, right?  Unless you have an extra 20 Gs just laying around.

So, talk to me, Guys, what’s on your minds?

Be good to each other.


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