Sunday, March 25, 2018

Aca-Bye, Pitches!

So, by the last movie in a trilogy rolls around, sometimes, the storyline’s so tired and the actors and actresses are too bored to even lift up the phone.  Pitch Perfect 3 could’ve suffered this fatal case, which diseases the previous two that, originally, were good to great outings…especially with that teaser and trailer that prominently showcased Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick slow motion jumping from a seemingly random explosion…except that it showed heart.

True, the plotline leading to said explosion and subsequent escape by our leads is chalkful of cheese to make Velveeta jealous, but the central theme of family saves the film as well as pull at the requisite heartstrings.  I’m guy, and I’ve got no qualms admitting I’ve been invested in the Bellas trek through college and after.  If Joey wants to see a “chick” flick, I’m in.

Though the competition storyline was there, which centered around the Bellas vying for a recording contract from other “bands” that relied on instruments to augment their vocals to make it, it seemed to take a backseat to the family theme.  The teaser and trailer DID say this was the Bellas last go.

Markedly older, the ladies brought their game acting and vocal-wise to deliver some cool renditions of hits and the light-hearted message of sticking together in the face of a possible solo career that’d outshine everything the girls’d achieved or a money-hungry deadbeat dad (vet actor John Lithgow) willing to kill a daughter to get an inheritance…even with the cheese that came with this.

Even though the aforementioned teaser, trailer did NOTHING to sell me on finishing out the franchise, I’m glad I did.  With real world issues as dark as they can be and ALWAYS in our faces, it’s nice to take a break for an hour and a half for some music, corny comedy, and heart.

Be good to each other.


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