Sunday, March 25, 2018


So, this afternoon when Mom came to cath me and take us to church, she said she’d read a few of my recent posts, I presume my Jessica Jones piece.  She left a comment about my sibs probably actually knowing about me, because word gets around fam regardless of how hard a secret’s tried to be kept.  I thought about myself, and knowing what I know about people, people get sloppy trying to hide just about anything…especially something to that magnitude.  She said it’d probably be pretty easy for me track them down…if I wanted.

Geeze, Man, I was looking at the last few posts and the convo with Mom, and, Dude, someone trying to tell me something, huh?  Family, family, family.

Now, on Jessica Jones, my friend, Darcey, said she’s want answers for her reason of tracking down fam.  I understand.  Joey’s had the same questions about my past, because, all we have is my file I came with, which only covers my first 22 months.  It says nothing about fam history of, say, cancer or the like.  That, I’m curious about, I guess.

I’ve heard stories that went either way, they either went well, or ended badly.  Not, that I’m afraid.  I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  For me, it’d be to say, “The folks lied, I’m still kickin.”  It’d also be more informational than anything.  If they took me in, it’d be the icing on the cake.

I don’t know, just ponderings.

Be good to each other.


PS. We’re watching the first season of Unfortunate Events to get ready for the second to start Friday…AND, guess what, it’s a bout family.  Coincidence?

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