Sunday, March 25, 2018

5:40 Wake Up Call.

Afternoon, Boys and Girls…

So, last night we finally saw Pitch Perfect 3, which I’ll get to in the next post, because of the following 5:40 wake-up call…AFTER we were up ‘til 2.  Yeeeah.

Anyhoo, Joey’s chick told us earlier in the week that one of her kids is coughing so hard he’s practically throwing up.  Bronchitis, right?  We knew immediately, because Joey’s very prone to getting it if she gets an upper respiratory.  Thank God, she hasn’t had a bout in two years.  *Knock on wood.*

Knowing this, Joey specifically asked her if she was gonna be coming through Sunday, Joey being psychic.  

She answered, “Yeah.”

Now, one would think if her kid was hacking up a lung earlier in the week, she’d’ve gotten his ass to a clinic EARLIER IN THE WEEK.

Ummm, NO!  I wake up to the phone ringing at 5:40.  Of course, it’s Adriana saying she’s got to take her kid to a clinic, because he’s hacking up a lung.

OK, no prob, she gave us leeway, but, still that doesn’t make it easier getting people up here on a Sunday.

Joey called the agency and got the nurse on call, who said she’d get on it, which may or may not be true.  By this time, I’d turned on my laptop, and posted on FB our dilemma.  She shot a name that I messaged.  At the same time, I saw another friend was online, so I messaged her.  She answered immediately, and told us to give the agency a heads up, which I did, and she was over in 15.

Never a dull moment in the Rhode household…all just to get up.  Thanks, Keta!

Be good to each other.


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