Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Beast!

Morning, fine people…

So, some kind of exercise is important for anybody.  This maybe moreso for the crip, because they don’t walk.  In many cases, we have to improvise, because gyms may not be set up for wheelchairs.  This is where the cardinal rule to being a successful crip comes into play…ADAPT.

For example, my boy, Scott, who has CP, can walk with a tight gait.  He got himself a trainer and hits the weights at Planet Fitness.  Doing the weights strengthens his leg muscle while stretching him; therefore, making him less tight.  I’ve swung by to watch, and the dude’s a beast.

The same goes for Joey with her karate in college and now her flail practice.  Of course, she gets out of her chair to go to the bathroom and play with the dogs or clean up their various messes on the few occasions that happens.  These exercises are hard for her, obviously, but it’s the price to pay to be “normal.”

Now, on the upside, since Joey and I don’t use our legs, everything we do relies on upper strength, so we’re essentially exercising for everything we do whether it’s lifting things off the floor with our reachers, or simply reaching for something on, say, a table or the far side of the bed.

Like the Nike commercial says:  Just do it!

Be good to each other.


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