Monday, February 12, 2018

Excerpt from The Friendly Giant and the Bully.

So, the Friendly Giant was a character Dad told us stories about, and his dad told him about, but were never put to paper.  When I started writing, I started writing Horror, because the genre always intrigued me, thanks, Stephen King.

But, the Friendly Giant also popped into my head since I loved the worlds Dad wove and I dig kids.  Here's hoping you and your kids like this little bit.  I'd like to make two series of books out of the Friendly stories: a full-color storybook and a coloring book.

Be good to each other.


“Has she come out yet,” asked Rachel’s dad, Kenneth.
“No, she hasn’t.  I asked her what happened, and all she’ll say is ‘Why, Mom, why’” exclaimed Rachel’s mom, Lisa.
“Honey, why don’t you come down and tell Dad what happened,” pleaded Kenneth.
Up the stairs, a muffled sob could be heard.
Walking up the mahogany steps to the child’s closed bedroom door, Lisa asked Rachel if she’d join them for dinner.  She said no.
Sitting at the table, she and her husband ate in silence.  Rachel never came to eat.  Rachel’s parents watched the ten o’clock news, checking on Rachel every ten to fifteen minutes or so, then went to bed more curious and baffled at what could have made their daughter so unhappy.
With the lights shut off and the family pooch, Blue, tucked into his little bed with his stuffed lamb, no one heard the familiar CLIP, CLOP, CLIP, CLOP.
“Rachel, Rachel,” whispered a friendly voice.  One huge blue eye peered in the three-pieced window.
“Go away,” came the small voice from under the pillow, "I don’t wanna talk to anybody.”
“Rachel, I know what happened.  Please come here.  I’ve got something to show you and tell you.”
Rachel glared from under the pillow.  She heard the sincerity in his voice and saw the sincerity in the eye that looked in the window.  Although she still didn’t want to talk to anybody, the Friendly Giant was one she couldn’t resist.

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