Friday, February 16, 2018

Let Crip Money Rain.

Good morning, Fam…

So, in Born, I mentioned how Leaps n Boundz helped the kids learn life skills.  In one episode, they talked about how some of the kids were starting their own businesses, and how Medicaid will only let them make so much without taking away their benefits.  The counselor told them about something called an ABLE account, which essentially is a trust the government can’t touch.

Now, I’m on disability, and I only get $849 on the 3rd.  That ain’t a whole lot with the cost of living…if you’re gonna live.  When I was at the office, I was stuck at $11/hr while everybody else got their yearly raises.  I worked just as hard as everybody else, but got shafted for 9 years, because I wanted to be a working crip.  To try to remedy that, I pushed my hours as far as I thought I could to squeeze as much as I thought I could to make as much as I thought I could… AND, I STILL got shafted by the government, over that raise I THOUGHT I did my homework on…just because I don't want to be a government tip crip.

With an ABLE account, we can make more off the Two Feet Below brand without being punished by Uncle Sam just for wanting to be entrepreneurs.  This goes for all your crip readers out there, who have dreams to be better than what and where you are.  Check it out.

Be good to each other.


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