Friday, February 16, 2018


So, yesterday, my chair crapped out, and Clint came by to look at it.  Today, he came back to see what he could do if anything to fix my chair.  Naw, Man, I think I heard the word “jacked” floated around a few times while he and Joey were talking as he turned my wreck on its side.  I heard a crash, and an, “Oh Man.”  That’s NOT good.  Then, Joey came back to tell, laughing HARD, telling me the damage.  The short of it, I have to start looking for a new chair since mine is honestly jacked.

I joked with Clint that he couldn’t get me for not loving my chair.  The dust on my chair’s road dust, not sittin’ around, doin’ nothin’ dust.  I’d clocked in 2250-2300 miles in a little over 5 years…not the best, but definitely not anything to thumb my nose at.  It’s just history, Man.

This loaner isn’t bad.  It’s a M300 like I had.  Yes, it’s made for someone bigger than me, but I’ve found out I LOVE the roominess as opposed to having the chair molded around me!  The downside is, whoever had the chair before me, had a serious heart to heart with Bud or Mary Jane depending on which way they swung.

I wondered to Joey if they’d just give me this chair, and we could call it even, but I HIGHLY doubt it, because everybody’s gonna want a piece of the pie.

Be good to each other.


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