Thursday, February 15, 2018


So, Clint, our chair mechanic, came through this afternoon to tell me the left suspension crapped out on my chair.  Since I was in it, he had a very limited view to see, so tomorrow, he’s coming before I get up to turn it on its side to see if it’s an easy fix like a missing bolt.  He did say it was the worst he’d seen on a Permobil M300…ever.  I take that two ways: a. It sucks for me, because any loaner he gives me will be slower and not built for me, so it’ll just be a point A to B chair until mine’s fixed…if we go out.  And, B. I can consider that a compliment that I’ve ridden it so hard in the 5 years I’ve had it…it’s been loved instead just getting safe use.

Now, technically, we could go two ways with this: A. we can fix it, B. I can get a new chair, which I’m up for this past Summer with my 5-year anniversary according to the gospel of the government.  Either way, I’ll have to have a loaner, which is like getting used to a new car…every chair drives differently.  Of course, I’ll make it work for me, I always do, but, Man.

I haven’t been looking at chairs on the market, because I know there won’t be anything comparable to my M300 speed-wise.  Yeah, a cool looking chair that I can accessorize and bedazzle (LOL) if I want to is cool, but I’m looking for speed since we’re on the streets.  A granny chair ain’t gonna cut it.

We’ll find out what’s what.

Be good to each other.


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