Monday, February 12, 2018

Guy Clueless.

Afternoon Guys…

So yesterday, I sent love to our women readers and the renewed movement, you guys are truly amazing.

Writing the piece made me this of the pig in Hitch, Vance Munson, who Hitch refused to help.  What a jackoff.

Still thinking about Hitch in a roundabout way, it made me think of real life, my friends specifically.  Now, I love my guy friends to death, but they have no clue, I mean seriously.  I ask them what they’re getting their girls for Valentine’s Day, and they have these blank stares, before answering, “I don’t know.”  What?  How long you been with this girl, and you don’t know what she likes, really?

OK, let me teach you something.  They normally look at me crazy.


Go to the mall or anywhere.  Shut up, hang back…and, just watch.  Trust me, you’ll learn a lot.  Simple…been doing it for years.

Crickets for a bit, then, I see the upstairs light go on…EPIPHANY!

Basic rule, we make things harder for ourselves.

Be good to each other.


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