Sunday, February 11, 2018

Beach Ball-Size Lady Nuts.

So, Joey and Mom have the biggest set I know for different reasons; Mom, because she adopted two crip kids while single, Joey, because of her home life, then, her leap of faith to leave home to be with me.  Both ladies are truly awesome.

This post’s dedicated to all the ladies reading us.

So, the news is been rife with Harvey Weinstein’s screw ups towards any woman he’s ever come in contact with.  These ladies were and are just trying to make a living doing their calling, and this jackweed’s taking advantage of his power and their trust and need for work to get his cheap jollies. 

Now, guys are wired differently from women, we’ve all heard men are from Mars, women are from Venus…yeah, that old chestnut.  But, it’s true.  Guys are visual while women are mostly mental.  In other words, guys have to touch.  It’s like that button Mommy told you, “No, you can’t touch,” but, by God, you just gotta do it.

I’m guilty of this mentality growing up.  I thought nothing of watching and catcalling after a fine ass, after all I am at that height.  Then, I grew up.  The “fine” chick my friends drooled over, wasn’t so fine when stupid came out of her mouth.  I learned quality.

I hear women say brains are attractive.  I see that.  I managed to score both with Joey, me, who didn’t want a crip.  She felt the same with the crip thing.  She’s beautiful physically, and mentally…well, mentally, she’s too smart for her own good…SERIOUSLY, J/K!  Honestly, I was a complete dick to her coming off my previous relationship.  She stuck with me through my shit.

While I’m on the subject, though, why should women have to dumb themselves down to cover our male ego, me included.  Yeah, I get mad when Joey calls me on my shit, but she cares to do so.  Why do the Kirk Camerons (yeah, the 80s heart throb) preach their shit the wife HAS to be subservient to the man?  Both should be able to call the shots based on individual strengths.  Now, if you’re into the master/slave thing, that’s your bag behind closed doors.  But, real women have it tough, Man.

Just my two cents.

Be good to each other.


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