Sunday, February 11, 2018

Getting Your Walk On with Front or Back Walkers

Morning Beautiful Fam…

So, last week I talked the differences between wheelchairs and scooters.  Today, let’s look at old school front walkers as opposed to rear walkers.

Now, I’ve personally not used either, but my friends have over the years, so I’ve seen them used, and can draw from my observations.

Aside from the obvious appearance difference, the OG front walker weighs in at 7.5 L.B.S while the newer fronts weigh in at 20 with all the bells and whistles that include the sitting plate.  The child’s back walker weighs in at a whopping 9 L.B.S!  I had to do a doubletake at that weight, because I’ve seen rugrats on said walkers just goin’…Man, they’ve gotta be strong.

Either way, if the person falls, the walker’s comin’ down on said user.  I’ve seen it happen.  Now, with the front walker, I’ve seen it get away from its user, pulling them forward until they either have to catch up or let go, which results in a gnarly faceplant.  With back walkers, the user pulls the walker along with them, giving the user more control…HOWEVER, the wheels on certain surfaces, with inertia, can make it run over said user…talk about Maximum Overdrive, y’all.

Something cool I’ve seen my friend, Carter, do was to ride his back walker down ramps and such.  Of course, this takes practice and timing, because of that damn gravity/inertia thing, but still, when done right, it looks wicked cool.

Be good to each other.


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