Saturday, February 10, 2018

Defense from Two Feet Below.

So, just because you’re a crip doesn’t mean people won’t mess with you.  Quite the contrary, people might try to mess with you more.  After all, wheelchair means vulnerable, helpless, right?

School’s in session.

Yeah, we can do everything, but we ain’t helpless.  Give us an opening, and we’ll get the drop on you.  Also, like I’ve said, I don’t forget.

Now, Joey I am don’t like guns.  They’re heavy, they recoil, and they’re loud…and, we jump…it’s that old CP chestnut.  Yeah, we could use our chairs, but if they get messed up, we’re screwed, so no.  So, we collect knives, swords, and we have a couple different kinds of tasers.  And, no, I don’t do Logan Pauls trying to bring dead rats back to life.

I’ve collected knives since before I met Joey, and I bought us each a taser that shocks on the sides as well in case someone tries to snatch it away from me.  I got them after I was bitten.  Mom even bought me a ring taser I can do with my thumb…way cool.

Our swords are replicas from movies.  I got Joey a Frodo’s sword, because she’s small.  I also got her a Princess Bride sword and Lion-O’s sword from Thundercats while I’ve got a replica of Blade’s sword.

Also, we like medieval weapons.  Joey’d wanted a mini flail since she thought a regular size one would be too big for her sitting down.  I’d been looking for years until I found a shop to get her one for Christmas.  Throw in that she’s a green belt in karate that she learned in college, and you’ve got a lethal chick.

Class dismissed.

Be good to each other.


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