Thursday, February 1, 2018

From the Horse's Mouth.

Afternoon, Buds…

So, yesterday I read a blog asking how to deal with intrusive questions to a crip.  OK, on one level, I could relate, because we’ve been asked everything, and I mean EVERYTHING…and, probably, when I was younger, I didn’t wanna answer the sex or the pee questions.  But, I’ve always known I can’t hide what I am, and kids want to be accepted by other kids, so you answer.  Also, kids tend to “push the button” so to speak until they get the result, so the question got answered anyway…if not out of exasperation.  Anyhoo, if they took the answer, and didn’t disappear, you were good, if they did, your feelings were hurt, but…  This scares crips away from answering questions, I understand., fair enough.

By my 20s, I didn’t care.  I was either accepted or I wasn’t.  Come real, or don’t come at all.  So, in that respect, I couldn’t relate.  I’ve also always answered, even begrudgingly, but now, I answered willingly.  I had my crew that took me for me, and the rest could come along for the ride if they wanted to.  Also, fam has a lot to do with the way I am.  Aside from my brother, Joey, my world was able-bodied.  You did whatever it took to join in, of course, according to what you thought your cripness allowed, or should I say, what you allowed your cripness to allow.  We weren’t given much slack as you’ve read in previous posts.

I see parents cut their crip kids more slack than bust their butts when they screw up.  Remember, I was the King of Grounding in my fam.  Not given any slack meant speaking was a must.  Whenever someone would ask one of the parental units what I wanted instead of asking me, they were met with, “Ask him, he can talk,” and of course, I’d start rattling off whatever.

But, getting back to the intrusive questions bit, yeah, some questions are more leftfield than others, but people are curious and they love juicy shit.  I’ve learned to just answer, because people’re gonna talk whether they know their shit, so why not get it from the horse’s mouth, right?  Also, if they find out whatever they thought is as juicy as they were wanting, they normally shut up, and walk away.  Oh yeah, and I hate being stared at…TALK DAMN IT!

Be good to each other.


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