Wednesday, January 31, 2018

And, the #1 Reason Is...

So, in What If… I told you guys about convos Joey and I have occasionally about what we’d change about our cripnesses...and, I give the same statement I'm about to say.  People automatically assume it’s we want to walk…WRONG.  Let me tell ya about y’all’s able-bodiedness…DUDE AND DUDETTES, Houston, we have a problem here.  We see you guys fall on your asses and faces waaay too much for that to look appealing.  Also, we have stories to back this up, which I didn't tell in What If…*evil grin*

It’s like maybe ’97, and Teri, my ex, and I are staying at the apartments on A St.  Teri worked the 7-11 across the alley, and I could easily go over to hang with her and help her watch the place for her while she was busy, or help her get plates on gas runs.  I’m over by the mag racks when this dude, obviously WASTED comes in, damn near ripping the door off its hinges to keep his balance…OMG.  I REALLY had to work hard not to bust out laughing at the dude.  I think he was so gone, he didn’t even have his money to buy the case he was after.  Sorry, Charlie.  SO, he left, damn near ripping the door off the hinges again to get back wherever he was going.  I don’t think he was driving, THANK GOD!

Now, I’m not judging by any means.  I’m definitely no angel.  I’ve been stupid drunk before.  They have pics.  SERIOUSLY, passed out, leaning back in my chair, mouth wiiiide open passed out.  See.  A drunk ass crip is nothing nice to see.  If I could walk, it’d be game over…and, like Jigsaw says, “There will be blood.”

Other times, sober, we see people with those clunky gray boots or a sling or, worst, a cast.  Ask ‘em what happened, and after a long pause, “I missed a step,” sheepishly.  I think to myself, I’ll say.  But, honestly, when we see it happen, we wanna help.  I mean, it’s the right thing to do, right?  It might bruise the ego a bit if the crip comes to the rescue, which has happened before at work.  I’m not thinking of the thought processes, because my friend was really hurting.  By the way, I've worn a cast after surgery, and know how bad they suck.

BUT, case in point.  I rest my case.

Besides, who wouldn’t wanna get a new ride every five years, right?  But, that’s another blog.

Be good to each other.


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