Tuesday, February 27, 2018

First Sales!

So, tonight we made our first sales of our Ts.  Thanks, Nattlie!  The last almost two months have been a heck of a ride.  Just by seeing that you guys are viewing us has been a trip.  We like learning about other people, and we’re always asked questions, so why not make a diary of it, right?  If people read our experiences, and go away with something from it, AWESOME!  We didn’t have older crips to guide us along the way since we live in an able-bodied world.  We want to pass what we’ve learned to the next gen.

Two Feet Below’s means the world to us.  It’s our baby.  We’re dedicated to it.  We hope it’ll have a place in your lives. 

I know the process to buy the shirts kind of sketchy now, I’m working to get it better.  The color schemes were asked by my mom to see.  They are clickable, sorry, working out the kinks.  If anybody knows how to remedy this, feel free to sound off.  Until I get the kinks out, if you’re so inclined, email (twofeetbelow@gmail.com) me your order after with your pertinents, and we’ll make sure it gets to you.

Here’s to dreams and opportunities.

Be good to each other.


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