Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Slow Your Role, Boy.

Afternoon, Girls & Guys…

So, like abled-bodied people, the hardest thing for the independent crip to do is slow down.  Yes, we do go slower than most of the world, but we still like to clip.  I’m so guilty of this.  When we walk somewhere, I’m the drill sergeant keeping us going.  If I can help it, I only stop for cross traffic or the occasional red light.  Otherwise, it’s go.  I don’t mind stopping if we see something that catches our eye or one of us needs to readjust in the likelihood we hit a bump…Midland roads are hell on chairs, and, like I’ve said before, we can’t trust sidewalks to run from block to block.

We live in a “go, go, go” world, it’s true.  We’re made to feel like we’re slowing said world down if we don’t keep up.  We’re pushed, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can make one feel inferior if caught on an off day.  Nobody wants to feel like a burden crip or not, so we make it happen.  But, in the process, we miss stuff.

As crips, we have chairs that go 7.5+ m/hr.  That’s haulin’ when you don’t have a car shell around you.  Actually, it benefits a crip to slow down a bit.  There’s nothing like a bug flying in the mouth when you’re talking to someone just goin’…and, sleet SUUUUCKS.

So, slow down, smell the flowers once in a while.

Be good to each other.


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