Thursday, February 15, 2018


So, I’ve gotten what would be an able-bodied’s broken leg.

Let me set the stage for you:

Joey needed me to run an errand for her.  OK, no biggie, I’ll just run to the Dollar General, get what she needs, and be home…easy peasy, done it thousands of times in 17 years.

I set off down Tanner toward Mercedes, but never make it.  I was passing a car when my chair keeled to the front left…HOLY CRAP!  And, the street leans that way to boot…DOUBLE CRAP!  I immediately think I just lost my wheel, but when I back up, the wheel’s not there.

Carefully, I drive back home with my undercarriage bumping the whole way.  I manage to make it up the driveway, but I have to figure a way to get up the ramp to get inside, because my front left’s not getting any traction.

Once up, the ramp, I call Joey from the door to tell her to tell me I didn’t just lose my front left.  She actually said no, and by then, I could see it’s still there.  OK, really?  Then, I have trouble getting over the lip of the threshold, so I have to turn around in that itty bitty space to back in.

Anyhoo, now I’m waiting for the mechanic to come fix my hooptie and ranting.

Be good to each other.


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