Thursday, February 15, 2018

The World Crashing Down: Not Another One.

Morning Gorgeous Peep…

How was you guys’ Valentine’s?  Ours was OK, plans were a little rushed, but it was fun to hang and have our first Starbucks date of the year.

So, I had topics lined up to talk about today, but then, when we got home, I read about Florida…Man, this is a screwed up world.  When I was a freshman, I thought my world was crashing in on me, but compared to what those students and teachers went through, I live a very charmed life.

Now, I know the gun issue has raged for years.  This will renew that rage with crazy abundance.  On the one hand, we need to protect ourselves; therefore, the need for guns, but on the other hand, we have to keep said guns out of the hands of jackweeds with a vengeance streak that collateral damage means nothing.  AND, unlike other incidences, this dude didn’t off himself in the end, naw, he walked away like another day at school…WOW.

So, how do we fix this, because, like the news has reported, it’s only 44 days into ’18, and there’s been 18 shootings so far…there will be more.  It happened my senior year in ’95 in the art/music.  You can still see the caulked parts where the bullets shattered the tiles...that's just structural scars.  The only people hurt were the ones hit by said tile shards, and the dude was arrested never to be heard from again.

As a matter of fact, here, where we live, they found a gun in one of our high schools.  The school was put on lockdown, and I saw some of my friends wonder what the heck was going on at their kid’s school…scary.

What do we do, how do we keep our kids safe in this screwed up world?  Tomorrow’s never promised, but shouldn’t we give them a fighting chance even it’s a pie crust promise?

Be good to each other.


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