Monday, January 22, 2018

To Abort or Not Abort...Us.

Morning Peeps!

So, in Johnny I tackled assisted suicide, albeit, in films as related to crips, but, in the real world, it’s a definite issue.  And, Joey beautifully wrote about wanting children in Cute Baby, which is a dream I need to make come true for her.

Children.  Children are a big responsibility for anyone, but think of the parent of the crip child.  Damn, just damn, what an undertaking.  You either sink or swim for better or worse…or, you get an abortion, and be done with it.

Today’s the 45th anniversary of Roe v Wade.  So, J, what’s your point?  My point is that up until then, abortions were black market.  January 22, ’73, all that changed.  My brother, Joey, was born April 13, of that year.  If they had the technology they have now, his biologicals might’ve aborted him if they knew he’d be born a crip.  What’s that have to do with me?  A lot, actually.  You see, when Mom was going adopt another kid, she asked Joey what he wanted.  He wanted a brother, so Mom went to the agency, and brought prospect pics.  Joey literally chose me.  So, if there was no Joey, there’d be no J to talk to you fine people.  I’d be still be living or not living in The Bronx.

OK, so if Roe v Wade was in ’73, I definitely could’ve been offed since I was born in ’76…especially if the technology to know ahead was available then since when my bio dad saw me, he called me a monster…it’s in my file in black & white.  He wouldn’t let my bio mom see me.  I don’t know if they put me up for adoption, or the hospital had to do it.  I do know that they left me there, telling the fam I’d died.  I was their first, and I know they had more kids after, so I’m the oldest.  In my real fam, I’m the second youngest of six.  I’ve got three of each.

Joey, my wife, and who’s also a crip, was born in ’78.

For this reason, I’m pro-life…it’s personal.  There’s always adoption.  Maybe, maybe, maybe, if the mom’s life’s in jeopardy, then, OK, BUT…  To each their own.

I think of the technology now and the way people think nowadays.  A generation or so of throwaways, because defective kids that have Spina Bifida, CP, MD, or is MR (Mentally Retarded) can be detected before they’re even born…just sucked out.  Who knows what he/she could’ve been.

Like I said, I could’ve been aborted easily, because I’m a crip.  I wouldn’t’ve been able to go to school, gotten my degree in English with a double minor in Pysch and Computers, gotten married to the best person this side of Heaven, worked, own my own home with fur babies, gone to the places I’ve gone like tat conventions, comic cons, or the cruise a couple years ago, or made this site to have the privilege to talk to you lovely folks.

Be good to each other.