Saturday, January 20, 2018


So, after posting my Too Good to Be True blog on FB and Twitter, my sister chimed in with a friend to say they think that job's a scam.  Joey was with me as he was giving me directions to go to a site to set up at a bank to get paid...separate from Upwork or my flag #1.  As I start the app., it asks me for my SS#...WAIT, WHAT?!  Red flag #2.  By now, I'm asking questions buying time while I'm searching Upwork how to lodge my concern that this dude might be a scammer.  I'm also talking screenshots of e-mails, chats, and my original proposal that showed I'd offered to do the job for $50/project as opposed to the $300/week he offered...and, that he overrode in his acceptance e-mail.  I looked in FAQ to find the violations rules.  Not letting Upwork pay wages is a violation of Upwork policies.  THEN, as I made him wait, he was getting flag #3!  You're outta there, Bud.

Anyhoo, I found where I needed to lodge my complaint and stated my case with my evidence, so we'll see.  I haven't checked that e-mail today, and honestly, I don't want his shit.  But, I figure if he really wants to get a hold of me, he'd drop me a message on Upwork, right?

Be good to each other.


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