Saturday, January 20, 2018

Concerts from Two Feet Below.

Afternoon, Guys…

So, in August, Joey, Ashley, and I went to see Skillet at Rock the Desert. Now, if you told me a couple years ago I'd be going to see a Christian rock band, I'd've told you to go to hell…REALLY.  I’d listened and liked them, ignoring the Christian aspect, and applying the lyrics to everyday life. But, I am a different person than I was then, and I was JACKED.

Anyhoo, this brought up memories of all the concerts Joey and I've gone to. First off, it seems a crip couple is like the main attraction at a freak show at other words, it don't happen.  Sad.
Our first concert together was Orgy at Dos Amigos in Odessa.  I, for one, was nervous in my excitement, not knowing what to expect.  So, we had it planned to dress in matching fishnet tops, our hair down for proper headbanging...we were sexy bitches.

When we go to a show, my goal is to get Joey closest to the front as possible by getting her in front of me, and slowly moving her forward until she’s at the gate. That first concert, security didn't want us trampled, so they let us past the gate, right stage, outside the right set of speakers. While the band's changed out, we'd walk around, and a barista kept giving us free shot beakers saying we were a cute couple.  I think she wanted us to flash some cash, honestly.  That show, we got to meet Down Lo, a Lubbock band at their booth after their set, as well as Orgy in a meet and greet after the show. Later, we found out on Orgy’s DVD of that tour that their frontman, Jay Gordon, was sicker than a dog, and damn near played a two-hour set…and, then met fans well after 1.

Other bands we've seen are Trapt, where we got a pick from the lead guitarist, The Dreaming, who Joey knows frontman, Christopher Hall, personally.  One of those times, Chris pissed off these chicks to move them aside by crouching down while never skipping a beat, so Joey could get up to the stage.  NeverSet, Three Days Grace, and Halestorm, who we've met a couple times.  These were all at Dos with us meeting NeverSet and Halestorm.  We went to Lubbock to see Staind, Chevelle, and Shinedown. I got a badass pic of Shinedown's frontman, Brent Smith, pointing at me...couldn't've timed it any better.  That was the first time we saw Halestorm…Lzzy Hale…swoon.


Skillet was no different.  When we got to the festival, the ushers’d given us the number of one of the guys at stage side to help us see better.  Right before they took the stage, I texted the guy, and he told us to meet him stage left, so I led Joey there, and he led us where we could sit between the barriers.  Sadly, there was only one other crip there, she was just a leg cast.  Still, we were far back, but Joey, God bless her, I’ve trained her well, because she kept creeping closer until someone saw us, saying it was for safety reasons.  BUT then, that same guy came up to us during the show to let us move up another six feet or so.  The other girl didn’t follow.  We were floored!  So, we saw the band whose drummer, Jen Ledger, is just a badass, and, after the show, frontman, John Cooper, pointed at us.  But, Joey and I were too shocked to have our cameras ready…damn the luck.


Good times...and, hopefully more to come.

Be good to each other.


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