Friday, January 19, 2018

Too Good to Be True?

So, this morning, I said my morning prayer to Saint Joseph I’ve been saying since Joey gave it to me last year.  After that, I normally check my e-mail. Here’s where it gets very interesting.  I’ve got three e-mail addresses: my personal, my one for here, and my professional that I use for sites like Upwork, which I got on after I left the receptionist job I’d had for 18 years in Oct…that’s another blog.

Anyhoo, I hadn’t had any luck with Upwork.  My friend from an online mag gave me work transcribing the interviews he does, which I’m totally grateful for and would do again in a heartbeat.  But, it’s been tough.  There’s stuff for crips…it’s getting people to see your worth.  And, Joey and I aren’t government tip crips.

I go to my professional account, and I have an invite!  HOLY CRAP!  I read it’s for a Virtual Assistant for an art gallery.  Well, I’m an artist, and writing’s no prob, obviously.  I answer, and we go back and forth with me answering 9 questions about my background and strengths/weaknesses, blah blah blah, which I send back ASAFP.

The response is this!

Be good to each other.


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