Monday, January 22, 2018

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hey, guys.  Quick post.  A side note of history first.  When I was a kid, my mom would sometimes give me a title-just a title-and it was my job to create a story for it.  I liked that; it got my brain going.  One day, I’ll post “Suddenly One Morning.”  However, this post isn’t about suddenly one morning.
Or is it?
Yesterday, I thought of the title “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.”  What a weird title, I thought to myself.  That sounds like somebody died… I mean, it could’ve been any situation: sci-fi, romance, anything, so why did that thought come to me?
This morning, Jason said, “Did you hear what I said last night?”
I thought that was odd, but I said something like, “No.  I must have already fallen asleep.”
He said our friend Deborah died 2 days ago.  What?  He said she got the Flu.
I reiterated that I hadn’t heard him tell me that last night, but I told him my title for a future post…

Guys, if you love somebody, person, pet, whomever, even if you only like somebody, please tell them often.  Show them you care.  If you have enemies, please still keep them in your prayers, because nobody knows when a person will be here today and gone tomorrow.

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