Thursday, January 11, 2018

Got Ink? pt 2

JD Rhode

10. Stabbing Westward Logo-It’s about time.  Why’d it take me so long to get one?  Stabbing Westward has only been my favorite band since 1995.  I cried when they broke up.  My tatt, however, is black with red highlights instead of just white, but I couldn’t be happier with it.

11. Blue Dragon- Remember Quest?  Yeah, I finally got the dragon I’ve wanted for about seven years.  This one, though, has a slight twist.  You only see half his face and a set of claws.  The other half is indented under my skin to signify the dragon within.  My first book had barely been published when I got that.  This tatt is on my right thigh, as, I believe, it’s my largest one.

12. Princess-My husband calls me Princess, and he’s been getting in to drawing ambigrams lately, so… My tatt has a crown over the word-it’s made of stars, which I love, and they’re even blue, green, and purple.  This tattoo has to have more meaning for me, though, than just because my Honey says it.  Let’s face it, ladies; when your Hon’s mad at you, for any reason, does he show much affection till things are back to normal?  Hopefully, but… I mean, you hope they obviously still care, but if you’re like me, you still need to hear it sometimes, especially when things aren’t going well.  I got this tatt cause he drew it, and, yes, I am a Princess.  It’s on my left shoulder, across from my WW.

13. Gothic Girl-A cute little goth girl holding a skull is on the right side of my right leg below my knee.  If you know me, do you need further explanation?

14.  Stars arranged to look like a “J”-I won’t bore you with what the J stands for (coughJoeycough) but each star alternates blue and orange.  Why those colors?  Well, if you’re a reader of my stories, you might remember that they are the favorite colors of 2 of my favorite characters.

15. Okay, I have not picked this up in a while, so, the next 3 are a jumble.  Pretty sure 15 is “Mutant and Proud”, from X-Men: First Class which I blogged about in my Greatest Showman piece.

16. Three dice on the back of my neck because, until I was 22, I religiously played Dungeons and Dragons-my passion or “HELL-BENT” between the knuckles of our best friend and tattoo artist.  At 39, in Sept 2011, Cal died L 16. 17.

18. Cherry Blossom Libra Scales-Guess what, I’m a Libra.  So, let me start by saying I don’t have a tattoo I’d cover up.  However, this one is not what I asked for.  I wanted a tree with two branches being the scales, but instead he drew an actual scale with cherry blossoms falling over it.  It’s pretty to me, however, it’s literally everybody else’s favorite tattoo on my body.  It, too, is on my right arm.

19. Between Rage and Serenity-One, it’s from X-Men: First Class.  Two, the phrase, to me (the actual phrase is “true focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity”) means get excited, get passionate, get enraged about your idea.  But, not so enraged that you lose your main objective; be serene enough to never lose sight.

20. Christmas Bells-Don’t you know I Love Christmas J A constant reminder of the Joy and Love on that day.  And, a friend, whose birthday is on Christmas, tatted it.  Guess what, with it on my right shoulder, I pretty much have a sleeve.

21. Dezo-Okay, I’m old…at heart.  I play Sega games, as you might recall.  There is a game-one of my favorite series, actually.  Phantasy Star.  Dezo is a big, fat, precious, blue NPC penguin that I just wanna squeeze.  Unfortunately, he never actually joins your party.

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