Thursday, January 11, 2018

Got Ink pt 1

Here is my tattoo post, but I'm breaking it in parts:
Got Ink?
JD Rhode

Going home on the bus a while back was interesting.  My hon and I went to lunch to meet a friend of mine who I haven't seen in, oh, about 3 years or so.  I missed her so much, so it was an awesome start to this beautiful holiday weekend.  We got to catch up on stuff, and we all stuffed ourselves on good food, too.
I wore very short sleeves, so all 6 of my tattoos showed.  When I transferred to the second bus headed home, a woman, who I don't know, began telling me that she just didn't (couldn't) understand the mentality of someone who got something permanently marked on his/her body.  My explanation was such: "My tattoos all mean something very specific and emotional to me.  I could never get one just because.  Having a tattoo signifies a powerful change and/or memory in my life."  I said something like that anyway.
Her question to that was, "Why can't you just take a picture, keep a scrapbook, decorate your house... with that memory?"  Of course I believe everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion, and I respect every thought, but I felt like she couldn't or just did not want to understand.  I didn't want to go into full detail with her, not to mention, I didn't have the time, but, yes, all of my tatts mean something very special; I wouldn't have them otherwise.  In order of when I got them, here goes:
1. Blue and Purple Crucifix-This is the only one which also has specific placement.  On my inner forearm just above my right wrist vein, this signifies my faith in God.  It was, by far, not an instant fix, but it is a reminder that I am loved.  In my early teens, I was diagnosed clinically depressed, and it only seemed to get worse through my twenties.  I never thought I'd make it to 21-I  had it planned to kill myself by slitting my wrist.  I still get depressed easily, but I'm over hurting myself for it.
2. Devil Tweetybird doesn’t have as much meaning, but still.  Tweety is cute, loyal, funny, and sweet, like me, not to mention he’s my favorite Looney Toons character, but also I can be a devil sometimes, too.  My husband drew it also.  He’s (Tweety) on my left bicep.
3. Phantom Mask-Erik's Phantom of the Opera mask means more than I have the words to explain.  I always get word block when trying to tell people how I feel about POTO.  Has anyone seen any of the movies, read the book, etc?  His character-the Phantom-is a genius, but a genius driven mad by loneliness and others’ fear and hatred.  It's sad.  Each version of the movie varies, but he has a kind of love that just... Ugh, I feel like I'm not doing this tatt any justice.  It sits on my right bicep.
4. Purple Dolphin-A guy I respect but don't know anymore told me about dolphins signifying freedom.  This tattoo is an emblem of my freedom from the past.  It also leads in to #5.
5. Green QFF around my dolphin.  QFF stands for Quest for Freedom, my first novel, which I'm trying to get published.  I give people many synopses, but what it basically boils down to is a man's fight for freedom. (Much earlier, I posted the QFF synopsis on here if anybody'd like to read it.)  Because tatts 4 and 5 are so close together, though, people mistake them for one.
6. Red Rose-My connotation of a red rose is unconditional love, mind you, I'm not exactly sure where I got that, but that's how I feel.  I possess the attribute towards my loved ones, and I hope somebody does for me, too.  This rose has a black bow tied around the stem to also give props to my Phantom mask, which it is beside as well.
Wow, try telling all that to a woman on the bus in about 12 minutes.  I, for sure, am getting 2 more, but I don't know when.  My next tattoo?  A four leaf clover for the Irish in me…
(Picked up writing this at another date)
7. 4 Leaf Clover-My clover is beautiful, and it does signify my Irish decent.  The Irish bus driver loves it, too.

8. BC Cross-I really can’t remember if this one is 8 or 9, but the BC stands for Blue Collar (Tattoo Shop) where we’ve gotten most of our work done.  Even when the guys were at the other shop, we had them tattoo us.  They are great friends, so on their first year’s anniversary of opening their own shop, it was only fitting to get their logo.  I’m one of them now J

9. Lightning Storm Cloud-Again, 8 or 9, IDK; I’m almost definite that this one’s 8-I got them mixed up.  What person holding a name like Weather Witch shouldn’t have one of these, right?  For the real WW, Eric, whom I write about often; maybe you know him?  I hold the deepest love for my characters.   Unfortunately, it’s on the back of my right shoulder, so I don’t see it much.

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