Thursday, January 11, 2018

One of Joey's occasional dilemmas

An older post, but it comes up every now and then:
I’ve always felt this way, but I need to know if it’s just me, or if I am right. So, this is my problem. I am in the unfortunate and frustrating position to depend on ppl for my daily needs, which you know. But that also includes driving. Every day, or as needed, I have to get in my own car and entrust my safety to friends, family, caregivers, strangers, whoever, if I want to go out.
They might drive nice and slow, or maybe too fast. Maybe they’ll not pay attention and have to slam on the brakes, run a red light… Everybody does it, right…
Okay, there’s that. What about if my driver wants to drink? Yes, of course, it’s their right. We go out to eat, to a party, a friend’s house, wherever. Maybe they won’t, or maybe they’ll want 2. What can I do? I’d never drink anything-if I was even going to drive myself home but especially-if I drove somebody else’s car with them in it.
Now, there is, I understand, tolerance level, time allotted, and a whole bunch of other (helpful) variables, so am I just over-reacting??
I feel sometimes like, even if s/thing is the right thing to do, what matters is how convenient it is for the person helping me (like, I get a say, but I really don’t). I don’t want to get in a car with somebody who had drunk. However, the ONLY thing I can do about it is not go (wherever) with that person at all.

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