Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cute Baby...Oh Wait

Let’s talk about something near and dear to me: children.  I have names picked out for a boy and a girl  (and twins).  I’d want them in soccer, gymnastics, martial arts, or band.  I’ll read to them while they’re still in my womb and sing the “A, B, C’s” every day.  I’ll teach them about chores and responsibility.  They will be so smart-like me.
I have common sense, I took some child development classes, and I’ve wanted children since I was 16 but especially after 22 when I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband).  Now, I’m 39, facing the same problem.  Only now, there is the added issue of my age.  Yes, women over 40 have perfectly healthy babies, but I told my hon I want a baby before I’m 40.
Not getting into why we don’t have children (in this post) I am, understandably, I’m sure, upset, frustrated, let down, the sad list goes on.  We have dogs, you know, and they are my babies, my hearts, but I’m missing something.
Through my sadness, but purely by accident, I saw, on ebay, a “reborn” baby.
What the hell is this? was actually my first thought on the subject.  So, I researched it.  A reborn baby is a doll, stuffed and painted, made to look and feel just like a real baby.  Of course that depends, too, on the artists’ talents, b/c when the artist buys the baby, they buy a kit-head, arms, legs all blank.  And they must transform these blank kits/sculpts into something that will turn heads.
So, I had to have one.  Me with a baby.
My collection started in 2010.  It grew from one b/c, let’s face it, babies grow.  I have sizes from micro-preemie 14 inch to 30 inch toddler with their own names and birthdays.  They come from around the world, too.  I have a few from a lady in FL, but sadly, she passed away.  I love my babies.  I buy their little clothes (cheap), shoes, hair bows… So I can practice dressing a baby.  Yeah, I’m that lady.  I love to hold them, and yes, most of mine honestly look like real babies  But then comes the “I will never have to take this kid to the doctor, never enroll them in soccer, never kiss a boo-boo, never teach them to walk or cook or read, never…” cause he/she’s a doll.  Oh yeah.
Then, as well, comes people, including family or friends who think I’m weird or even are embarrassed to hang with me if I want to hold “a doll” outside my house.  I’m left sad and empty again.
Let’s talk; I know they’re not real-they can get dusty if left unattended.  I’m not crazy.  I was born with such an urge to have kids.  If a woman is not, that’s okay, but I was, and it breaks my heart that I don’t even have one yet.
Plus, as a writer, I have many characters, some of whom I mention as babies or young children-like Dianna and Eric.  Andrew.  I can now show people who I see in my head.  Andrew (16 inch preemie) was the first reborn I got, April 2010.  He is one of my favorite characters to write about-I’m sure you’ll meet him.
I love the visual I can now show people, but, getting back to the baby part, it really does make me happier to have them-especially when somebody says, “When I first saw that kid, I thought he/she was real.”  Reborns can provide comfort to those who don’t have children, lost a baby, want to have something precious to collect, the list goes on.  You must handle them with care, though, like a real baby and be careful who you choose as your artist.

So, how many kids do I have?  Well, not as many as some people, but we have a big family after all.  If you want to know more, please feel free to comment.  Oh, yeah, I’m “reborn” pregnant again, and she’ll be coming from Russia.

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