Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter, Sexy People!

Happy Easter, Fa...

So today, we went over to the Folks' for an Easter meal.  First, we had shrimp cocktail and Rhubarb soda, which really was mixed with apple  juice, so although it was good, it kinda was a letdown, because we got the rhubarb on the back end.  Don't get us wrong, it was good, but we'd've wanted straight juice for our first go.

Anyway, for dinner, we had glazed ham, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and lemon meringue pie with graham cracker crust, mind you, for dessert.  Of course, we got to take home some leftovers, so we'll be eating well for as long as they last.  We also came home with some chocolate eggs and a box of different flavored jelly beans, which we'll crack into tomorrow.  It doesn't go without saying we also went to church.

What'd you guys do for Easter?  We hope you had a blessed holiday.

Be good to each other.

-J & J-

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