Thursday, April 25, 2019

British Para-Swimming International Meet 2019 - Session Two

Morning, Fam...

Sorry for being MIA for a couple days.  I intended to post yesterday, but Joey's girl crapped out on her, so I was giving her moral support as she got herself undressed, in the shower, and in bed by herself.

It was interesting, because I wanted to think about dinner early and order out...and, I was adamant, so I wonder if, on some unconscious level, I had a hunch.  Anyway, she made it to bed at 12:45.

It just pisses me off that I posted on FB like I always do on these occasions, and NOBODY responded.

Speaking of FB, they're hosting the British Para-Swimming International Meet '19, Session 2.  I'll have to find Session 1 for you guys.  But, enjoy these athletes.

Be good to each other.


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