Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Candles A-Plenty/D&D Therapy/Sweaty, Runny Nose Dinner.

Evening, Fam...

So, Joey has an addiction to scents; therefore, she's got an addiction to collecting candles.  Invariably, when we go to any store, we wind up in the candle aisle...and don't make us wait at Cracker Barrel....LOL.  Honestly, she's got a great sense of what helps the pad's decor.

In her second vlog, she talk about what the card board game, D&D, means to her from helping her get through hard childhood times to shaping the writer she is today.   She's come a long way.  I'm glad her brother, Tony, got her into it.

Also tonight, Joey asked me get dinner, so I got us jalapeño octopus from Volcano, one of our sushi restaurants.  I took the time to vlog how someone can still use chopsticks with crip hands.  Enjoy.

Be good to each other.


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