Saturday, February 23, 2019

Am I Dying/Hopefully, a Provider Keeper/How We Met (Together).

Evening, Fam...

So last night, I had a scare with an episode of wake sleeping while we were watching the Dark Shadows TV show.  I dozed off when Joey was talking to me.  I heard her, but I could talk or move for a couple minutes at least.  Afterward, I researched it to find that's NOT uncommon (3,000,000 cases).  It freaked us out so much, I vlogged about it.

Today, Joey got a new provider with her new agency, 2 Hearts, which it prompted her to vlog about it.  Hopefully, she sticks around to limit Joey's anxiety.

Finally, we made good on a request from our Youtube friend, Rashel, of doing a joint vlog about how we met.  Of course, those of you, who've followed us on here, have read our blogs, know most of the story.  Here, we compare thoughts and feelings.  Enjoy.

Be good to each other.


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