Friday, January 4, 2019

Speechless-When They Miss, They REALLY Miss.

So, we watched the last episode of the 1st part of the 3rd  season’s Speechless again to get ready for today’s premiere of the rest of the season to see if it still left a bad taste in our mouths…it did.

The premise was there was a fire that ruined the DiMeo’s Christmas, but it was a sham, which the DiMeos (Maya, Jimmy, Ray, and Dylan) rode, essentially making them look like opportunistic assholes.

Again, J.J. and Kenneth save the show with their growing brotherhood from the provider/client relationship as J.J. gets nearer to graduation and possibly moving on from their mutual security blanket.  In this instant, J.J. tries to get Kenneth a coaching job with the high school girls’ basketball team.  The thing’s Kenneth doesn’t know how to play, as evidence when J.J. invites Kenneth’s sisters (Niecy Nash and Anisha Adusumilli) to A. reconnect with him, B. get him ready for the job, trying to give a double Christmas present of sorts.  Of course, they hand his ass to him, but the lesson was to know you don’t have to be perfect at everything and to not give up.

OK, it’s sad that they use the rest of the fam as a “parody” of a fam of a crip kid more often than not, because we’ve seen some really realistic, heartfelt, sometimes hilarious storylines with the whole fam, but when they sink to low brow, they sink REALLY low…like I said, making the rest of the fam look like assholes.

I’m not saying everything has to be serious, but don’t make the characters look bad doing it.  That just makes us not give a shit about them when something serious happens, because we think they’re just playing an angle to another scheme.

On the other hand, the lessons Kenneth and J.J. put out are very honest to crip life.  We have to screw up A LOT to get some things right others take for granted, things we KNOW we should get, but just haven’t figured the right combo for our cripness.  It’s frustrating, but we can’t give up…it’s just pushing past said frustration.

Here’s hoping this isn’t the beginning of a trend, and this episode redeems itself.

Be good to each other.


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