Thursday, December 13, 2018

Own You.

Evening, Fam…

So, I’m deep doing this piece for Lisa’s son.  I’ve got a concrete idea.  I just hope I can pull it off.  From what I gather, the kid’s got a lot of rage and sadness.  I can remember feeling like that on a different level at his age.

I wanted to talk about a convo Joey, her provider, and I had this morning about owning who you are.

She was telling us about her neighbor and how the boyfriend likes her, which she’s not reciprocating, because he doesn’t belong to her, and she has her own boyfriend.  She and Joey were thinking of ways she could get him to leave her alone.

Of course, I’m overhearing this convo as I do all the convos she and her girls have while she’s getting up.  Some, I chime, some, I don’t, because…well, just because.  Today, I did.

I told her she should pull a Mrs. Doubtfire.  She asked what I mean.  I said she should go up to him and tell him she’d be interested in him if she was still a man, at which point she’d use her male voice.  She’s transitioning.

From there, we talked about coming out, which she said not many know.  I asked her why, because whether she’s a gay guy or a trans, people’re going to judge.  I told her Joey and I’m straight, and we get judged all the time just because who we are.

For example, yesterday, I was getting off the bus to transfer to another when I passed this lady, and she said NOT quietly, “THAT’S why the bus’s late.”  I heard it, but it didn’t bug me after the surprise I’d just gotten.  It’s not the first time Joey and I’ve heard shit like that…and, we’re just mindin’ our own, livin’ life.

I told Joey’s girl, it doesn’t matter, people’re going to judge, so just own who you are.  I understand there’s trepidation with coming out, but I also said there’s a bit of maturity level that comes with coming out.  She agreed.

If you own you, people’re going to judge, and maybe some groups you thought you belonged or a job you thought you wanted, isn’t really right for you.

At least you know you’re being you.

Be good to each other.


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