Sunday, December 30, 2018

Alexa & Katie Season 2-Learning the Meaning of that Ride or Die Friendship.

Afternoon, Fam…

So, I’m gonna get mushy with this post, so be warned.  I’m also gonna break my spoiler rule, because this season of Alex & Katie hit me hard…like took me back to my early teens, early 20s hard. 

Now, for those of you that’ve been following us, you know I lost my best friend, Noe, when I was 13 to MD, and my brother, Joey, in ’00.  Without my friends and fam, I wouldn’t’ve made it through.  That’s where I’m coming from.

Let’s begin…

The first season, Katie was there for Alexa to help her cope with her cancer diagnosis, making sure she could attend classes when she wasn’t feeling well enough to actually attend, going so far as to Facetime her while they were in class.  She’d even sleep in Alexa’s bed with her for the support.

This season, Alexa paid it forward after finding out she was in remission at her last checkup when she helped Katie get the $2000 she needed to go on a London trip she desperately wanted to on with her theatre class after she had to use the money she’d spent the whole semester getting to pay for an accident she had…at the expense of the lavish Sweet 16 party she’d planned for a toned down one to have said money for Katie.

Yeah, the show’s geared towards the teen demo, but anybody who’s had someone carry them through the bad shit life can throw at a person, will get this.

Story time:

I’m 13, I lost Noe Summer ’91, and I’m pissed at the world.  I lashed out, getting in trouble with the law, and had to do community service washing handle bars at one of the old folks’ homes here that spring break.  I remember one day in particular my friend Heather, who I knew from the couple years I went to Midland Christian, and Rodney, who I met my freshman year and who knew Noe, and I had lunch.  It was a bad day for me, I was depressed and whatnot.  It was one of those Breakfast Club moments when you put it all out there.  That year was an F’ed up year, but the year I also met Will, Rob, and Lee (RIP), who all knew Noe from Junior High.  We keep up still today.

When my brother died, we were all doing our own thing since we’d graduated, but Heather showed for Joey’s wake and sat with me.  The rest of the gang either came through or called when they found out.

End of story time.

In case I haven’t you guys how much love I’ve got for you a bit, I’m throwing it out now.

Be good to each other.


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