Sunday, November 18, 2018

E-Cancer Sticks...Not Just for Adults.

So, I read this article yesterday.

 The first time I saw an e-cig was on the cruise.  I thought it was ciga-weed in a new type of pipe.

Fast forward to today, it seems everybody and God has an e-cig now instead of an old school cancer stick.  I saw the smoke and wondered what was the difference between an e-cig and an old school cancer stick.  Apparently, nada…except for one thing.

Kids can get e-cigs pretty easily.  Scary after reading the article.

I figured there was more to the “steam” people try to pass it off as.  I mean, it could be a placebo of some sort, but really?  But, then, why can’t people move on from it once they start?  I’m not saying everybody goes from addiction to another, some use them as a stepping stone to quitting, but obviously they’re used by smokers, who don’t want the smell that comes from getting that fix the old school way.

Furthermore, since there’re flavors, it stands to reason that quitting e-cigs’s harder.  Everybody likes good flavor to anything.

Then, we come back to the kids.  Obviously, the companies didn’t think kids’d get their hands on them, so now, they’re having to play catch up and damage control to prevent more kids from being a statistic.

No, companies aren’t babysitters, but if companies never intended e-cigs for kids, they’ve got an obligation to label appropriately, so lil’ Johnny or Jane can just go to, say, 7-11 and pick up some bubble gum cancer.

Just thoughts.

Be good to each other.


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