Monday, October 8, 2018

Oysters, Alligator, And A Dead Battery

Hey guys.  Well, it’s definitely a Monday.  We hope yours went well.  Jason’s computer died last night, so I’m gonna have to kick up my blog skills a notch, lol.
Yeah, we don’t know why (suddenly), but J’s sure it is the fan.  So, he already had planned to take me out to lunch-for my birthday.  One extra trip to Best Buy, no biggie.
The day started with a phone call.  My new caregiver could not come.  Not again, I thought, but it wasn’t that she didn’t want to-like we’ve had.  She was the victim of a hit-and-run!  So, finally, they were able to find me somebody.  My lady is okay and should be back Wednesday.  Her husband needed knee surgery.  Stupid pricks-just fleeing the scene.
Sharon, the boys’ groomer, came, which was awesome.  She hadn’t been feeling well-vertigo, slipped disc-her doctors are still trying to figure it out.  We’re keeping her in our prayers.
So, Ashley came, and we were off to The Lost Cajun, but not before it Poured like a bitch.  You know what they say about rain, and also lately, the thunder crashes right over our house!  Lunch was Amazing!  Fried oysters and fries for me, J had alligator bites, and for Ashley, catfish.  We also got fried pickles.  Off to Best Buy.
Guys, Geek Squad isn’t very good, sorry.  Jason gave her the computer with plug and told her what he thought.  Instead of checking it out in any way, which is what we thought they’d try first, she just said, based on his warrantee, they’d just send it to the company.  He’ll get it back around October 25-great.  So, temporarily we have just my computer.
We got back in the van, disappointed.  Ashley turned the key, and NOTHING!  Battery died.  I knew it was coming.  In short, here’s what I wrote on Facebook: When you're stuck like Chuck, and nobody gives a... The battery on my (blue) van died at Best Buy today. We asked several ppl, in the parking lot, if they could give us a jump, and nobody! Then, this young man came. You, Sir, are a true Hero, and I hope this post finds its way to you. Thank you!
What a day.
Be good to each other-J&J

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