Friday, October 5, 2018

Mindy Menkowitz Scheier-Being Too Sexy on the Runway of Dreams...Work it, Girl!

Morning, Fam…

So, yesterday, I told you about the amazing Madeline Stuart and what she’s doing for the crip community while teaching the fashion community a new way of thinking. 

Now, as you Guys know I’ve got a friend, Noe, who died of MD when I was 13.  Yeah, we were young, but we liked to dress, so you could find us at the mall whenever we had $$$$ to burn.  We just made do with what the stores offered.  That’s where I came up with turning all my shirts upside down and putting my arms in first (the principle can be used on button-ups too).

J, where you going with this?

Joey sent me this link knowing my past.  The tie-in is fashion designer, Mindy Menkowitz Scheier has a son, who has MD.  Apparently, he likes to look good, but, like most crips, finding clothes that work with our bodies is hard with our range of motion, hence, Mrs. Menkowitz Scheier created Runway of Dreams.

Granted, I haven’t tried her wears yet, but it’ll come.  It interests me when an able-body has experience in the crip world and what they get from said experience and what comes out of it.

Be good to each other.


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